• 14 Founders

  • 4 Weeks

  • Mentors & Advisors

  • No Equity or Cost to Founders

FounderStreams Accelerator Introduction

Meet our FounderStreams Cohort

Accelerator Details

The FounderStreams Accelerator is a 4-Week, virtual program on Clubhouse to help Startup Founders succeed, move their company's forward, and get ready to pitch investors.


We selected 14 Startups who will go through an accelerated and intensive process consisting of lessons related to Leadership, Pitching, Product Strategy, Customer Personas, Technology Development, Financials, and Investor Diligence. 

Each week will consist of four, one-hour sessions in Clubhouse on the weeks topic, daily group standup and check-in, and one-on-one sessions with our experienced mentors and moderators who are Founders and Investors.

The FounderStreams Accelerator will end with a Live Demo Day where our Founders will be pitching in front of Investors we have invited to listen in.

There is no cost to the Startups for participating in the FounderStreams Accelerator and we do not take any equity.

Applications have ended. Apply for future Cohort.

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