Anybody's Game Ep 07: Interview with CNBC Contributor & Investment Advisor, Tiffany McGhee

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Anybody's Game interview featuring Tiffany McGhee, hosted by Paris Mansouri and Jonathan G. Blanco.
Paris Mansouri and Jonathan G. Blanco interview Tiffany McGhee on July 12, 2021 live on Clubhouse, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn Live.

About this week's Guest

For this weeks "Anybody's Game", Paris and Jonathan were joined by Tiffany McGhee - a CNBC Contributor, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer of Pivotal Advisors, and Founder of StocSavvy.

Tiffany is a leader who has been pivotal in the success of the companies she works for and the teams she leads. From chairing committees, overseeing investment research and managing due diligence for one organization, to being one of the founding partners of another, to working in private banking and managing over $7 billion dollars in assets and relationships since beginning her career, she is not only a recognized and respected source in financial news, but her knowledge and expertise have been crucial in the development of many founders and startups across industries.

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