Anybody's Game Ep 08: Interview with Entrepreneur, Founder Manitoba Harvest, Mike Fata

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About the week's Guest

On our last episode of Anybody's Game recorded on July 20nd, Paris and Jonathan were joined by Mike Fata - an entrepreneur, natural product investor, Top 100 Health Influencer, an advocate for growing the organics industry, and, last but not least, Founder of Manitoba Harvest which he grew to $100M in revenue and exited for over $500M.

This week, we find out about creating natural products, what it takes to build and launch a brand, working up to multiple 9-figure exits, and doing it all from the ground up. Getting an expert take and invaluable insight from someone who has not only successfully created consumer brands multiple times, but who is now helping others do the same. If you dream of creating and launching a product, or if you're in the process already, you'll want to tune in.

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