Founder Follow: Startup Founders in FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2

Get to know the Startups who were accepted into the FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2.

Seattle, WA - July 23, 2021

FounderStreams launched our second cohort of the FounderStreams Accelerator less than two months after the conclusion of Cohort 1 on May 1st. Each week our #Startups participate in two workshops, two check-ins, pitch practices, mentor sessions, and optional deep dive sessions, so the Founders can become "investor ready", solidify their messaging, find customer market fit, narrow their problem statement and value proposition, while providing them with exposure, living content, and expanding their network.

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Get to know about Timothy Murenzi:

How has your business changed or progressed since you started the FounderStreams Accelerator?: I've been able to pinpoint the *actual* problem I am solving, which is super helpful when developing the solution.

What have you learned so far and how is the process going?: I've learned SO much! properly forming the pitch, understanding the problem I'm solving, all has been so valuable!

What would you recommend to new founders or aspiring founders?: TRUST THE PROCESS.

Twitter: @getindema - IG: @indemaplatform