Founder Intros: Meet Startup Founders in FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 1

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Get to know the 13 Startups who were accepted into the FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 1.

Seattle, WA - July 01, 2021

On Saturday May 1st, 2021, TF Labs and FounderStreams hosted the first ever Accelerator Investor Demo Day on Clubhouse, the popular audio based social media platform backed by Andreesen Horrowitz. The closed stage was filled with the FounderStreams Moderators and Advisors, VCs and Investors, and the FounderStreams Accelerator Founder who each had 90 seconds to pitch their startup followed by 10 minutes of Q & A from the panel of investors.

All of the pitches were polished, crisp, and led to engaging conversations between each Founder and Investor on stage. Several companies received promising interest from the investors on stage with several likely to get funding.

Investors on stage included Arlene Dickenson Managing General Partner at District Ventures Capital and Dragon on Dragons' Den, Tim Young Founding General Partner at ENIAC Ventures, and Marco Faccini Family Office CEO and former Founder.

Over the course of 4 weeks, the 13 Startups had four weekly sessions with two of the session being in public learning about subjects such as Storytelling, Leadership, Customer Market Fit, Product & MVP, Pitching, and Growth & Exits. The FounderStreams accelerator was lead by Founder Jonathan G. Blanco, Tiffany Mcghee CNBC Contributor and Founder of Pivotal Advisors, Elizabeth Scallon Startup ecosystem builder, Nolan Rollins CEO of SMRT Mouth smart athletic wearable, and Rajan Kasetty, Partner, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Advisor and Board Director.

Meet Cohort 1

Chosn Relationship App

Get to know about Andre Smith:

Andre has held positions in retail pharmacy, bioscience and financial industries. Andre has a B.A. in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After college he spent his nights and weekends in a research lab creating business cases, where he was part of the founding of a mortuary science company. He is now the product designer of Chosn where their intellectual property will close the mental health gap. IG: @chosnapp

Chosn Relationship App: Chosn is a closed social network for our most meaningful relationships. Instead of having 100s of connections like traditional social media, Chosn will focus on deepening our most meaningful relationships. Despite many new on-demand therapy apps the suicide rate and mental health gap are continually high. With Chosn, healthy relationship habits can be made fun, powered by gamification, EQ nudges and an intentional social design.

Twitter: @chosnapp

C4G Security

Get to know about Christopher Roberts:

2x Founder and former 30 year Silicon Valley Tech CEO.

Twitter: @croberts24 - IG: @24croberts

C4G Security: Click4Guards (C4G) is a technology enabled private security company. The Click4Guards mobile app provides vetted client-rated on-demand private security services.

Twitter: @c4gsecurity


Get to know about Youngwon Lee:

Over 13 years of experience in the food & beverage industry with brands like Stolichnaya, Patron, Armand de Brignac, and more. Experience with restaurant, bar, alcohol distribution, and brewery management.

IG: @magnum201

Dokkaebier: Is an Asian-inspired craft brewery that launched in SF, CA 2020. Our name -- DOKKEBIER -- is a twist on Korean mythical creatures called Dokkaebi (도깨비), who love to eat and drink. They are also known to be shapeshifters, so like the Dokkaebi, we constantly experiment and innovate to bring you something new. We combine unique and tasty ingredients with traditional beer styles. Ingredients like bamboo leaves, lemongrass, Szechuan peppercorns, galangal and Kimchi culture!.

IG: @dokkaebier

Global Music Library

Get to know about Rhonda Merrick:

I'm an American music tutor who's lived in England for the past 15 years. Although I didn't know how to use video chat when the nation went into lockdown, I invented a music tech company which will help define the use of music online in the near future.

Twitter: @rhondamerrick - IG: @rhondamerrickmusic

Global Music Library: Global Music Library is a subscription service which provides step-by-step rehearsal videos, created by elite musicians, for every musical composition ever written on every instrument ever created in the history of humankind. We are the future gatekeepers who will control the monetization and the authorised use of online music.

Twitter: @itsglobalmusic

Homsby Inc.

Get to know about Chris Thompson:

Chris is a proven product leader with experience building highly disruptive software solutions. He has one successful exit with Oracle in 2018 and loves the outdoors, whether skiing, biking or hiking with his wife and two boys.

Twitter: @chris_musings - IG: @cthompson86

Get to know about Ryan Denman:

Ryan Denman is a real estate specialist focused on solving the inefficiencies in the real estate transaction process with solutions that scale. He recently traded a beach life for the mountains and streams which he enjoys with his wife and dog.

Twitter: @RyanDenman2 - IG: @radenman1

Homsby Inc: Homsby enables home buyers to purchase a home without the assistance of a real estate agent, saving them thousands. We guide buyers from offer through close in a step-by-step interactive process.

Twitter: @Homsby_


Get to know about Cee Carter:

Hi, my name is Cee. I’m a solo founder and entrepreneur. I’m self driven and extremely passionate about animals and also helping others. I’ve driven to 48 states around the country delivering pets by ground for the last 3 1/2 years and look to pass the baton to others so they can create their own financial independence.

Pawndr: is a long distance pet ride service platform that allows clients like pet owners, breeders and rescues to book rides for pets anywhere in the country and deliver them to their new homes safely and conviently through trusted pet transporters and live GPS tracking. This service can be used conveniently at the touch of your fingertips through a web application.

Twitter: @gopawndr


Get to know about Lori Sardoff:

I am Lori Sardoff, Co Founder of Snailz, mom of 3, MA in Industrial Psychology, MSW Social Work. I love most outdoors activities- hiking, scuba diving, anything on the water.

Twitter: @lsardoff

Snailz: is a booking and payments marketplace for independent nail salons. Salons make more money with bookings on Snailz and consumers enjoy the convenience of booking and paying online while earning rewards points on Snailz.

Twitter: @SNAILZapp

Toesty Sheets

Get to know about Michele Wytas:

Michele Wytas lives on a lake in Connecticut with fiancée raising her two teenage boys. She’s first generation American; her family is from the Czech Republic. She loves to spend her free time outdoors hiking, traveling, in the garden and time with friends and family playing at the lake. Michele is the owner and graphic designer behind the successful Haddam, CT based company, Renderwoman. Renderwoman specializes in Brand Identity, Print Design, Motion Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Web Design, Corporate Video, and TV Commercials. Michele prides herself on taking various styles and girths of projects and “making them pretty”. Not nearly as easy as she makes it sound! Although this humble demeanor is a very charming characteristic of the entrepreneur, her purpose is a lot more forward. Michele’s current goals are to put her creativity and design mastery into manufacturing. “I feel amazing about creating a tangible product. Until Toesty Sheets my work’s creations have been on-screen. My designs came and went. But with my line of sheets, not only can my consumers touch them, they can live half their life in them!”

Toesty Sheets: Introducing Toesty Sheets – a Revolutionary New Organic Sheet Line What’s keeping Michele Wytas awake at night? Her sheets! Not the crisp, comfortable, 100% organic cotton sheets she snuggles into every evening, but the company she has built around them. Say hello, or perhaps good morning, to Toesty Sheets. Founded by a mom who wanted the best quality for her children to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, these organic Percale Sheet Sets feature a creatively designed “hybrid fitted top sheet” for quick and easy bed-making. Unlike traditional flat sheets that never stay in place, Toesty Sheets features a top sheet with an elastic-seamed bottom that fits snugly around the foot of your mattress, holding it perfectly in place every time. They go on once and stay on all night long, keeping your feet toasty and your sheet where it belongs. The newly designed Toesty Sheets top sheet will be praised by those with specific bed requirements, such as at camps, in dorm rooms, in RVs, boats and bunk beds. The design will greatly assist those with needs in nursing homes or in hospitals, where a proper tuck-in assists those with mobility issues. Hotels will benefit with faster room turn with their no fold and tuck corner sheets, taking less time to make the bed.

IG: @toestysheets


Get to know about German Urrego:

Latinx founder connecting Hispanics with MDs worldwide that speak our language & culture.

Twitter: @GermanUrreg0 - IG: @germanurreg0

Unividoc: Telemedicine marketplace 100% in Spanish that allows Hispanics to connect with doctors all over the world meeting linguistic and cultural needs.

Twitter: @Unividoc

Voalá Immersive Technology

Get to know about James Spalding:

James is a creative visionary entrepreneur with a passion for solving real world problems through innovation. He believes strongly in creating connections by helping people and also learning by listening.

Twitter: @James__Spalding - IG: @james__spalding

VOALÁ IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGY: Our mission at VOALÁ, is to Reinvent Jewellery Shopping by answering the two key questions consumers have "How will it look on me?" and "Will it fit me?" through Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Twitter: @Voala_io

WAWN Family Products

Get to know about Derrick Green:

Army veteran on a mission, offering healthier fast-food alternatives to what’s currently offered by the industrial food complex. I lost my grandmother, mother, and wife to food related illnesses, now I’m saving my kids and yours. Life’s what you make it. I’m making it happen!

IG: @waffles_whatnot

WAWN Family Products: Waffles and Whatnot is a socially conscious restaurant that accommodates nearly all allergies and food restrictions while offering American comfort foods. We make sure you can trust your food again. We’ve succeeded and messed up, iterated, recovered and are successful again.

Twitter: @Waffles_Whatnot


Get to know about Soheil Nikbin:

Former Co-founder Whip Mobility Malaysia. I enjoy building teams, culture, tech, and products to accomplish extraordinary things.

Twitter: @Soheil_Nikbin - IG: @soheil.nikbi

Zalamon: We're on a mission to change traditional banking by decentralizing financial services across Europe. By combining lifestyle needs with cutting-edge digital technology, Zalamon Pay can make daily transactions more accessible, faster, and more secure while making the overall experience more rewarding for customers and merchants.

Twitter: @ZalamonApp

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