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Welcome to FounderStreams, a community of Founders, Investors, and Startup advocates all focused on supporting early stage founders in their startup journey. FounderStreams is Founder community grown after the COVID-19 pandemic during a time where many have experienced isolation. The founder journey has long been described as a lonely journey, but the past year under lockdown has shown to make that much more.

FounderStreams has grown largely impart to Clubhouse, a social media app focused on voice interaction in a chat room function. On Clubhouse, users from around the world are able to get together and have discussions on any topic they wish. FounderStreams decided to have these conversations around founders and startups.

In under three short months the FounderStreams community has grown to 13,000 members and followers, with a consistent Moderator group of over 20 people, hosting between 4-7 rooms every single day.

FounderStreams Topics

Startup Legal Questions | IP, Patents, and Trademarks

Come get your startup legal questions answered. Speak with top legal, IP, Patent, and Trademark professionals. Founders and Startup folks come get valuable advice and feedback.

Business Around Sports 🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🎾🏒🥅

Join us for our weekly conversation on the Business Around Sports with former professional athletes, Olympic athletes, coaches, executives, startup founders, and technologist. Bring your questions.

Latinos Latinas in Tech & Startups | Spanglish

Bienvenidos a la fiesta! Welcome to the party. Join us for a conversation among Latino Latina Startup Founders and Tech Professionals. We are here to answer questions and be supporting to your journey

Ask & Offer: Support your fellow Founder & Investor

Join the original Ask & Offer room here on Clubhouse. Introduce yourself, make an Ask (what you need help with) and an Offer (what you can help others with). Happening daily in FounderStreams.

Product for Startups: Turn an 💡Idea into a 🛠Product | AMA

As a Founder, a clear product strategy and roadmap is key to move your Startup forward. Learn how to turn your idea into a product and move your product to the next level.

Hardware Startups & Technology

Join our weekly Hardware discussion with Founders and Investors active in the space. Asks questions on how to build, how to design, how to manufacture, and run a hardware startup.

...and many more rooms happening daily!

Partner with FounderStreams

FounderStreams is always looking to partner and collaborate with brands, startups, and founders. Please reach out to us interested in sponsoring rooms, events, and conferences.

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