Founder Intros: Meet Startup Founders in FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Get to know the 10 Startups who were accepted into the FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2.

Seattle, WA - Jun 28, 2021

FounderStreams launched our second cohort of the FounderStreams Accelerator less than two months after the conclusion of Cohort 1 on May 1st. Each week our #Startups participate in two workshops, two check-ins, pitch practices, mentor sessions, and optional deep dive sessions, so the Founders can become "investor ready", solidify their messaging, find customer market fit, narrow their problem statement and value proposition, while providing them with exposure, living content, and expanding their network.

Meet Cohort 2

Darby Blue

Get to know about Katie Larabee:

Insatiably curious. Intuitive. Mom. Founder. Human Experience Designer now building the worlds best pet products.

Twitter: @katie_larabee - IG: @katielarabee

Darby Blue: D2C premium pet products offering high value, affordable price points, and amazing end-to-end customer experience. Sold online, in micro leased popups, and vending machines, where everyday dog parents already frequent, such as high end groceres, breweries, airports, hotels and more.

Twitter: @DarbyBluePets