Founder Intros: Meet Startup Founders in FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Get to know the 10 Startups who were accepted into the FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2.

Seattle, WA - Jun 28, 2021

FounderStreams launched our second cohort of the FounderStreams Accelerator less than two months after the conclusion of Cohort 1 on May 1st. Each week our #Startups participate in two workshops, two check-ins, pitch practices, mentor sessions, and optional deep dive sessions, so the Founders can become "investor ready", solidify their messaging, find customer market fit, narrow their problem statement and value proposition, while providing them with exposure, living content, and expanding their network.

Meet Cohort 2

Darby Blue

Get to know about Katie Larabee:

Insatiably curious. Intuitive. Mom. Founder. Human Experience Designer now building the worlds best pet products.

Twitter: @katie_larabee - IG: @katielarabee

Darby Blue: D2C premium pet products offering high value, affordable price points, and amazing end-to-end customer experience. Sold online, in micro leased popups, and vending machines, where everyday dog parents already frequent, such as high end groceres, breweries, airports, hotels and more.

Twitter: @DarbyBluePets


Get to know about Elizabeth Ticoyan:

Elizabeth Tikoyan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Healp and a proud health and disability advocate. Inspired by her decade long health battle, she is on a mission to empower patients through community.

Twitter: @etikoyan - IG: @elizabethtikoyan_

Healp: Healp connects patients to community and crowdsourced health solutions. We are on a mission to #ChangeTheStigma around life with a health condition/disability.

Twitter: @Healp__


Get to know about Timothy Murenzi:

Timothy is a natural born entrepreneur, with owning his first company at age 13, having 3 exits, and being a successful interior designer. His failures, despite his success as a designer, brought him to develop the industries first all in one platform for designers to grow.

IG: @indemaplatform

Indema is the newest and fastest-growing interior design business + project management platform. Consider us the business of design. We help designers all over the globe improve their workflow efficiencies, and manage all facets of their design firm. All in one centralized place!

Twitter: @getindema


Get to know about Joshua Hsu:

Josh is a former student athlete who believes physical health should be accessible to all. He is a patent holder, a hardware product manager, and a fund analyst–working Introhm, he often finds himself acting as a bridge between the engineering and business domains.

Twitter: @OGJoshHsu - IG: @cognac_aztec

Introhm: When moving online, strength coaches sacrifice quality of training and make less money per athlete. Introhm solves this by enabling coaches to remotely assess their athletes functional fitness & monitor metrics such as type of exercise, rep count, power, cadence, & form.

Twitter: @Introhm


Get to know about Simon Loo:

COO of Lyrid, Serial entrepreneur, Angel investor, Mentors to startups, Board of Director UCI FEMBA graduates with honor as the academic achievements Certificated in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Twitter: @simonloolyrid

Get to know about Handoyo Sutanto:

CEO and creator of Lyrid. Prior to this, I worked on enterprise-focused cloud startups for the past 15 years, and my last role was the Director in a data center infrastructure startup, where I built multi-million dollar data center operations for large enterprises.

Twitter: @handoyos - IG: @handoyos

Lyrid inc: Lyrid is an award-winning cloud platform that enables users to develop, distribute and manage cloud-native applications and services effectively by utilizing native serverless technologies from all public cloud vendors. Lyrid shops for the lowest latency or cost around the globe.

Twitter: @lyridinc

Lingo Plaza

Get to know about Lily Hagen:

Lily Hagen is the CEO and founder of Lingo Plaza, an innovative platform built to provide an immersive experience and safe creative space for kids to engage and connect with cultures all around the world. Having spent 10+ years volunteering for an International non-profit focused on youth in Latinoamerica, North America, Europe and Asia, while also raising her own bicultural children, Lily experienced firsthand the struggles that parents and children face with remote and foreign-language learning. When she realized that there was no appropriate tool or platform to address these pain points, Lily teamed up with technology experts and parents from multiple cultural backgrounds to create Lingo Plaza. Her mission with Lingo Plaza is simple - to bring access to high-quality education into the homes of millions of families around the world, regardless of their background and social status, to break down cultural and language barriers.

Twitter: @LilyHagen - IG: @lilyhagen

Lingo Plaza: Lingo Plaza is an expanding gamified language and cultural e-learning platform for kids ages 4-12 around the world. This platform embraces a holistic view of the kids’ language-learning experience by meeting their needs across a wider spectrum.

Twitter: @LingoPlaza


Get to know about Amal Soliman:

Amal Soliman is the co-founder of Nubia Food and Beverage (Nuba) with a Ph.D in agricultural and food sciences, 20+ experience years in food processing and import and export of food products.

Twitter: @Amal512 - IG: @amal1_soliman

Get to know about Gina El Kattan:

Growing up in Egypt hibiscus was an ever present drink in our fridge. My brother and I loved having it with dinner, and my dad drank it religiously to lower his high blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is a popular drink in Egypt, where street vendors sell it ice cold in plastic bags in the scorching summer. When we moved to Oakville, Ontario a couple of years ago, my mom made sure to pack some dried hibiscus flowers with us. She would always make it as a welcome drink for when guests came over to our house. It was a hit with everyone who tried it, sparking the idea of making hibiscus tisane on a larger scale. We went back to Egypt for a month to search for the highest quality flowers. Our search led us to a place called Nuba in the south of Egypt, where hibiscus flowers have been growing by The Nile for thousands of years. The area is renowned for its serenity and simplicity, an essence we have tried to keep in all of our products. The region is also a very special place to our family as its my beloved Grandfather’s place of origin.

IG: @g_elkattan

Nuba: Nuba is a BIPOC women owned company, making certified organic, freshly brewed, all natural, ready to drink hibiscus tea. We’re passionate about supporting small scale farmers in Southern Egypt, which is a region called Nuba in arabic. Twitter: @drinknuba

Outboxedu Inc.

Get to know about Denis Ocampo:

Denis Ocampo is an educator with experience working in the New York City Public School system. He witnesses the disparities between school systems and the lack of resources for underserved students which led him to create OutboxEDU. IG: @ocamp

Outboxedu Inc: We’re changing the way teachers get paid and students learn. Our system connects learners with the best teachers in the world and pays them for helping their students succeed. When teachers earn, they stay motivated to meet the students demands.

Twitter: @OutboxEDU


Get to know about Ana Jones:

With 20 + years in the senior care industry facilictating care to support and foster independence for individuals living at home. Management role for homecare and Day Programs for older adutls. Champion the work on Alzheimer's and bringing awareness and research dollars to find a cure.

IG: @phlex65_realtime

Phlex65: At Phlex65 we created our service and our business model around connecting clients with the care they need no matter how small or large the need. Clients can book any increment of time with a caregiver. Our 1 hour minimum is unlike anything else in the industry.

Twitter: @Phlex_65

The Whisper Company

Get to know about Benito R. Fernandez:

Dr. Fernandez worked in academia 1979-2018–hiatus @MIT for ME('85MS, '88PhD). Also ChE('79), Mat'lE('81) @USB. 1st mechatronics class in US. 6 patents: NNets, hybrid processor, resilient devices, chaotic hybrid encryption, persistent user authentication. Multiple startups.

Twitter: @benitofernandez - IG: @benito_fernandez

Get to know about Alejandro Fernandez:

1st generation American, born in Texas to two Venezuelan parents. Active high energy extrovert that loves adventures. 7+ years in startups, right out of college. First time founder. Love the startup environment and the family, culture and relationship building that comes with it!

Twitter: @iAlejandroGo - IG: @iAlejandroGo

The Whisper Company: With technology born in the University of Texas, The Whisper Company is leveraging patented and patent-pending technologies to bring ownership, privacy and security to communications and how we access our information.

Twitter: @TheWhisperCo

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